Kevin Frankenfield
Nature, Landscape and Architecture Photographer
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Photographer/Art Director
Fine Art, magazines, calendars, websites and books.



You are viewing the work of Kevin Frankenfield, a Mercer County based photographer. He moved to Mercer County in 1994 and is originally from Williams Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Kevin specializes in nature, landscapes, architecture, and the human form.

Kevin’s first photographs were taken on his parent’s Kodak Flashfun Hawkeye camera at the age of 12, later a Sears tele 310 before moving to basic 35mm in the 90’s.

Kevin purchased his first digital camera in the late 1990’s. The images included in this exhibit have been taken with digital technology over the past 25 years. He currently shoots with Nikon cameras.

Kevin’s pictures have been published in several calendars as well as digital and print magazines, and he has won several first place and second place in Friends of Colonial Lake photo contests.

The picture below was one of my first pictures using digital technology. As you can see it came a long way from the 1990's.



I'm known mostly for my wildlife and landscapes pictures. I do portrait photography as well. I get requests for headshots for Linked-in, professional corporate photos, a family portrait for their parent of significant other, print ads and other social media outlets.

I have also shot several fashion shots with fitness models that have been published in several magazines. I've been published in several fashion magaines, based in New York City - Milan, Italy - Paris, France. I also made cover of a New York Magazine titled Lorius, and a Milan, Italy Magazine titled Approved. I've been in the pages of Top Posters Magazine and Moevir.

I will shoot on location or in my studio.


Wild Life

I have photographed landscapes and architecture. Wild life was something more recent. I slow got into wild life photography after spending nine days in the hospital. Doctor's orders was to walk more.

I started taking my walks, and I started seeing things on my walks. I started with my camera phone, then took my camera on walks. My initial photos were very good, but I was proud of some. Over time I realized I needed better lens for my camera. I bought my first 300 mm lens. But quickly realized that wasn't going to get the results I was after.

Shortly after that, I bought a used 500 mm lens. But since it was used, it didn't last long, and had to replace. What you are seeing are the results with 200-500 mm lens, and I'm quite happy with the results.

The next step was to upgrade my camera to new technology. I currently shoot with two nikon DSLRs.

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