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American Bald Eagle

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Photographer/Art Director
20 Nov 2019
13 Dec 2019
Various Calendars between 2021 & 2024


Discovering their majesty

One of my favorite large birds to photograph is the American Bald Eagle. I'm very fortunate to have one visit the community lake. I saw my first bald eagle as the age of 47. It was a very thrilling experience. I never expected to see one in this area as they were endangered and missing from the area for more than half a century. In the recent years as they get more abundant, I see several eagles close to my home, with four known nesting sites. I'm so glad they are making a comeback and I get to witness their beauty.


2021 Bald American Bald Eagle Calendar

Most of the images of the American Bald Eagle are taken from Colonial Lake in Lawrence Township, New Jersey. Several can be found at the lake at certain times. I've watched them mature into the beautiful creatures, the first time I saw a Colonial Lake eagle was in my back yard. I photographed a juvenile Bald Eagle, not knowing it was an eagle at the time, as he was enjoying his meal of seagull. I was more amused at the squirrel eating from the squirrel feeder and not ten feet away was this large brown bird of prey (the juvenile eagle) tearing apart the remains of his catch. I eventually learned that Eagles don't get their adult coloration till they are five years old. When I went back to the photo I took several years before, low and behold it was indeed a bald eagle.



I have photographed eagles in the past but from a distance, the first one along the Chemung River outside of Elmira, New York. I still experience the thrill each time I get to photograph these wonderful birds close up.